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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Every Business in 2019

As the year 2019 starts, we are heading to a more competitive Digital Era. It is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners to understand the current market trends. Reaching out to customers is now more about creating engagement and influence. So, the application of Digital Marketing becomes more significant in the success of your business in 2019!

Digital Marketing is primarily the method of promoting your products, services and brands using online channels. According to a report by Statista, almost 4.2 billion people were active internet users and 3.4 billion were social media users. People are hanging out on the internet for data and information. It creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage with the customers online.

The significant advantages of Digital Marketing for businesses include Relevance, Cost-Effectiveness, Budget Flexibility, Scalability, Real-Time Optimization, Analytics, ROI Measurement and more. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Digital Marketing is now essential for Business:

1. Opens Up Growth Opportunities For All Medium And Small Businesses

The most significant advantage with Digital Marketing is BUDGET. You can spend a minimal amount of money initially to test your marketing campaigns. It is also effortless to scale your campaign at a more significant level. It can be considered to be a customizable solution to your small and big marketing needs. Also, the Returns on Investment is pretty higher compared to traditional marketing practices. If you are trying to generate business into an already established market, you can still make your presence felt by targeting a small base of customers.

2. Conversion Rate Is Higher In Digital Marketing

The Businesses and Companies that are using Online Marketing as the primary mode of promotion can evaluate the conversion rate in real-time using analytics. It is about determining the percentage of the audience who gets converted into leads and then into customers who end up buying the product or service. Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing are approaches which have a higher conversion rate as they can generate a fast and effective interaction channel with the consumer and clients. Incredibly all the traffic or visitors that you may get on your website may not be productive. Hence, Digital Marketing allows you to reach out to only those who are in need of your kind of products or services and thus offering much better leads and conversions.

3. Customer Service Has Become A Priority

For any business or startup to survive, the one thing that they need to deliver is building popularity and influence. In the past few years, it has become apparent that customers will always choose a company which does not have any scandals connected with it. Importance of Digital marketing today lies in offering you several ways to set up a personal rapport with your customer base. Be it email or social media you can always provide the customer solutions to their problems and make them associate to your product by even providing live conversation access. Your website and social media pages can easily be converted into a place where the customer can ask inquiries, give recommendations and hence take the organization with you on a positive level.

4. Digital Marketing Is Cost Effective

A small business needs to save up on its sources before it ultimately goes into the green zone and begins making revenue. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach out to many customers or clients at the same time and that too within your budget. You can plan your Digital marketing strategy such that you only use channels which lie in your budget. If there isn’t a need to increase the budget, then you can always focus on the area of interested audiences who you know would like and get pleasure from the concept of your providing.

5. Possibilities To Earn Higher Revenues

Since the amount of money expended is less and the ROI more the opportunity to make money is much better. As per a research conducted by IPSOS Hong Kong in obedience with Google has shown that compared to standard methods, digital marketing is known to produce 2.8 times more earnings. This coupled with the fact that the conversion rates here are much high, make sure that you are minting money as soon as you get into the mix. For businesses which are creating their strategies keeping money in mind, this also means a more quickly move in the direction of the growth path they want to be on.


The upcoming of digital marketing appears to be very bright at the moment. Nevertheless, while brands were sooner competing with each other’s marketing approach now the focus has changed to a fight towards the entire internet. This is the time when brands will have to use various ways and strategies actually to explore and make an effect on the customers. Remaining in such cut-throat level of competition is only possible if you can devise and implement a marketing technique which shows your uniqueness and gives the customers a reason to choose for you.

One Last Thing Powerful digital marketing is key to growing your business or Company. Performing the above strategies will without any doubt help you to reach this goal. Keep in mind that digital marketing doesn’t have to be costly. It’s essential to produce content that is customized to your customers and that seems to be on the channels or online platforms where they invest their time. You’ll shortly see your sales increase, and your customers will have interaction more with you and your products or Services.

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